Amatuli: Cameroon Feather Hat


This Feather hat from Cameroon  makes a stunning addition to any home, fanning out into an array of feathers arranged into perfect spirals when opened.

Cameroonian feathered headdresses (also known as Juju or Tyn hats) originate from the Bamileke people of Cameroon. These beautifully crafted artifacts are deeply rooted within Cameroonian culture and were previously only worn by a select few, typically during royal festivals or sacred ceremonies. Today they are used within the realms of fashion, fine arts and home décor.


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This Feather Hat is from Cameroon and is handmade using chicken feathers. Each base is hand-woven before feathers are carefully cleaned, selected, occasionally dyed, and attached to the base in order to form the final product. These products are distributed by Amatuli and are handmade following traditional techniques. This process honors both Cameroonian culture and tradition, and allows for its creators to express love and respect for their heritage through their designs.

At least 18 people were involved in the production of these products.
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Dimensions 84 × 78 × 33.5 cm
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