Amatuli: Kenyan Brown Calabash


Calabashes serve several different functions in African cultures.

In addition to being used for serving or storing food, calabashes can be used as ink pots, cosmetic containers and as money boxes by women working in markets. Calabashes are also frequently adapted to musical instruments such as flutes, violins, harps, xylophones and rattles.

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Calabash is the term used for artefacts made from the hard shell of a fruit in the gourd family “Lagenaria siceraria.” Once the calabash is dried and hollowed out it can be used for serving or storing food. Working with the gourd’s curved surface, local artists have decorated it with abstract motifs. The lines were incised and darkened to emphasize them. This item from Amatuli is handmade and totally unique.

At least 8 people were involved in the making of  this product.
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Dimensions 31 × 46 cm
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