Amatuli: Mali Mud Cloth Pillow


This distinctive cloth from Mali adds an element of interest to any home.

This type of cloth holds great cultural significance to the Malian people, since it was traditionally donned as a form of camouflage by hunters, as status symbol by the men of the tribe and as an important garment during key cultural practices. Today this cloth is used within the realms of fashion, fine arts and home décor.

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Malian mud cloth is traditionally woven by men and subsequently dyed by the women of the tribe in pools of fermented mud. This method was passed down from generation to generation and formed an integral part of Malian culture and social practice. These pillows are distributed by Amatuli, and are produced with modern methods which still honor tradition. The cloths are dyed within solutions of varying colours in order to produce several interesting designs. The fabric is then painted with varying patterns before being carefully cut and sewn to form pillows of varying sizes.

At least 12 people were involved in the production of these cushions.
*Pillow inner not included
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Dimensions 65 × 61 cm
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