Amatuli: Mozambican Wooden Fish


This beautiful decorative fish will make a statement in any outdoor or indoor living space.

Mozambicans have a rich cultural heritage, and are well known for their art, music and dancing. With 70% of the population living along the coast, fish are a key source of employment, proteins and food security in the country.

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This product is entirely made from indigenous wood from Mozambique. The fish is handmade by a local artist who uses a small artisanal axe to do the shaping and carving. Once the fish has been created, a combination of shoe and furniture polish is used to give the wood colour and to protect it. Each item from Amatuli is one of a kind.

*This product is one of the smallest sizes available. Should you require a larger size, please contact us.

At least 6 people were involved in the production of this product.
Weight 7.1 kg
Dimensions 74 × 15 × 35.5 cm
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