Amatuli: Nigerian Painted Fulani Calabash


Nomadic Fulani women are responsible for making handicrafts including gourds (calabashes).

These beautifully decorated calabash bowls are used as storage containers for fresh and curdled milk, as well as grains, fruit and other food items. These artifacts serve as both a practical container, as well as a stunning display item.

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Bowls and calabashes could be considered a main aesthetic focus of the Fulani people, who are one of the largest ethnic groups found widely across the Sahel and West Africa. This process to make each bowl is painstaking as it requires delicate chiseling and painting by skilled crafters.  These handmade products, distributed by Amatuli, are created much in the same way.

At least 10 people were involved in the creation of these products.

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Dimensions 37.5 × 37 × 23 cm
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